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cue - Because!

Our platform-based tablet app cue has been natively developed for both iOS and Windows 10. It is, of course, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Quite frankly, cue is an app that offers you (close to) anything!

Detailing on cue

Individually tailored and compliant presentations offer an ideal conversational aid for your sales force. For better quality in client discussions and interactive dialogues.

Poll on cue

Template-based surveys and interviews are applicable in many ways and can, for example, add significantly to any corporate event. For systematic questioning of opinions, knowledge and behaviour.

Learn on cue

Interactive quiz modules and 'nugget learning' with self-evaluating comprehension tests makes trainings easier. Transferring knowledge the entertaining way, for individuals and at events.

Custom on cue

If, for you, cue is missing just this one thing: adding individually developed modules for your specific needs is no rocket science for us.


On top, we offer compatibility of interfaces for CRM and ERP solutions as well as central data management via CMS. cue is just an all-round convincing and effective marketing instrument!

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More than just features

Not only does cue provide you with maximum flexibility due to its modular structure and a transparent cost model, it is also equipped with an elaborate in-app support and is compatible with all established file formats. This also comprises native assets like 3D and AR modules.

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Content structure

Only cue allows you to logically structure your content into 'stories', 'chapters', 'slides' and 'detail slides'. That way, navigating will be particularly easy for users, no matter how complex the content is organised.


A story represents one single discussion flow. The random number of slides within this story is then arranged horizontally and can even be subdivided into chapters.


Chapters permit you to logically group multiple slides that relate to the same topical content. These additional detail slides are accessible via vertical swiping.


All in all, the resulting matrix structure of a story can be grasped very easily, particularly within the so-called Bird's-Eye View. Other systems only support swiping sideways across horizontally arranged content pages by default.

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Bird's-Eye View

Without any further programming effort, our app always offers a dynamic visual sitemap. This enables the user to easily jump from one screen within the current discussion flow to another. For comparable products within the market, this feature would need to be newly implemented.

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Users can be authorized to individually rearrange the single slides of a presentation to meet their needs. Key slides that must be part of a story can be marked as mandatory in advance.

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Optimal Usability

Our app is easy and safe to handle. The user doesn't have to worry about accidentally leaving a screen by interacting with the content.

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Maximum space for content

cue does not reserve any areas for navigating. Potentially required navigational elements are only shown if the user calls them up. Only then is the content scaled down to create extra space for buttons in the marginal areas.

100% content: you won't find any scrolling instructions throughout our app.

Being up-to-date

A separate distribution of app and content allows modular content updates within the app without having to wait for approvals of the respective AppStore host.

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Tracking and Reporting

On top of the basic tracking, the premium tracking enables you to configure individualised analyses for your closed-loop marketing. You decide exactly which valuable data you want to examine as and when required.

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